HRM System

Human resource management system specially designed for factories, Corporate Offices etc.. Only HR & Payroll employee-centric solution, we are designed this software according to the modern new generation platform that will be focused on complex workflow.

We also providing Visual effects for the Information they need. This product providing you multiple features, HRM System design HR and Payroll operations for completing the digitalizing attendance, Payroll, Recruitment, Attendance, Leave, Awards, Expenses, Noticeboard etc..

Problem Statement

Product Feature Management

Employees Portal

Employee portal manages the login/Registration process, credentials access, view access, controls & manage the store or retrieve information.

Departments Portal

Departments portal will manage the department types, categories, Designation, and full access for the departments.


It will manage the recruitment process, recruitment types, schedule the recruitments, online manage the recruitment results as well.


Its a web-based integrated suite of solutions which helps, in manage of Attendance record, automated attendance marking and calculation etc.


The online leave management system will manage when to apply for the leaves, Approve leave, rejected leaves, types of leaves, etc.


Payroll is Online portal that employee and HR can access all Payroll related data and information.


Award feature can public and private, HR can create award from this portal and can be awarded to Employee, Award can be yearly, monthly bases.


Through the expenses can track all expenses, create expense lists, maintenance expense records, Visualize the record by UI and see all reports monthly, yearly and weekly.


Notice board is a very useful feature and reduce the time to inform in each department, HR can create an announcement and share with the employee as well HR can see all announcement on a notice board as per the year, monthly and weekly wise.

we are best industries




Corporate Offices


Manufacturing Plant


Colleges and School


Warehouse board



Our Solution

It's a fully focused HRM system tool, we are providing you a great solution with multiple features, This product will be implemented in so many Industries across factories, Recruitment, Corporate Offices, etc..

This portal will reduce the paperwork, recruitment work, attendance register system, etc.. HRM system automate the process of HR tasks for management and improve the work productivity of the workplace.

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