Gate Management System

Gate Management system is one of the top secure module for factories, Plant, Societies, School Offices, etc...

This security module allows for tracking visitors, Vehicle, Tracking goods, assigned pass to the visitor, can track the items those are carried by vendors, staff and visitors and maintain the record of materials moving from one plant to another plant, society to flat, also we can use this for staff attendance, visitor record into the factories.

Problem Statement

Product Feature Management


You can view the records here Gate entries, Milk entries records, Penalty records, Indiscipline Records, Visitor Records etc.

Visitor Book

Visitor Book you can view the Shift, Visitor name, Visit purpose, also view the detailed information about the visitor and contact info etc.

Securities Penalty

Under security penalty you can view Record Penalty & Penalty listing. Also view the Route code, transport name, Vehical detail, Driver info etc.


Indents can create the Raise indents & Indent Records. You can raise indents by select the Requested item, Unity, Quantity, Pack size etc.


You can view Attendance records, create attendance by the Employee ID, Employee Name, Employee designation to put Time IN & Out.


You can see the Reports listings as per the Department and Designation , also Export the Reports in Excel,Word format by Export button etc.



Milk Plant


Agriculture Plant




Manufacturing Plant


Transportation Plant


Wooden Industries

Our Solution

Sharing a completely safe to protect your Goods, community & welcome to coming visitor and guests, Industries can validate each vehicle, create a gate pass for each vehicle with gate check-in and check-out process as well as this module is more efficient secure their Industries with multiple locations.

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