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The Vanessa Elegant, Resilient Beautiful

The Vanessa; 24k Gold, Swarovski Diamonds & Lasts Forever

Any Piece of jwelery with 24k Gold, Swarovaski Diamonds and Durability Guaranteed to last a lifetime is a safe choice. Add to it a Stunning Butterfly, and you get a bracelet that turns heads, starts conversations and shares a story people crave to hear.


Whether You Love How It Looks or the Deep Meaning It has for you, You'll Love Wearing Your Diamond Gold Butterfly Bracelet... The Vanessa

Whether you’re looking for a new and beautiful bracelet, that is versatile, that will go with that beautiful floral dress and still look like it was made for that skirt/pant suit,


You’re looking for a symbol, one with a deeper meaning one that reminds you of and keeps those you hold dear to you, close.

The Vanessa is the perfect Butterfly Bracelet

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The Unimaginable Beauty & Design of The Vanessa

“My God... that is beautiful” is a comment that i and our customers, have heard each time we have worn The Vanessa

It attracts and commands attention everywhere it is goes, while simply fitting in and complementing every outfit.


The Deep Meaning The Vanessa Holds

This Beautiful Butterfly Bracelet is a reminder of all things beautiful, of all things joyful and of those we hold dear to us.

A reminder to smile, be free and truly allow yourself experience the joy of life,

A butterfly is the perfect representation of all things beautiful and all things meaningful.

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The Vanessa, The Perfect Gift

The Vanessa is also the Perfect Gift for many and everyone, for any and every occasion. Especially those who are hard to shop for.

It is safe choice when you don’t know what to get that special someone...even if that special someone is you. *wink*

Makes a perfect serious or casual gift. Would be perfect for a loved one, co-worker, newly wed, daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister or wife.

Give this perfect gift to make a special occasion, or to someone you care about, who has just sufferd a loss and can do with a reminder that they are not alone and that their special someone will always be with them in one way or another

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The Stuff The Vanessa is made of...

This Beautiful Butterfly Cuff Bracelet is 65cm in daimeter and Adjustable, meaning that it will fit the tiniest of to tighten or expand to loosen up.

Swarovski Diamonds are Set in a 24k Gold Base “not plated”, the difference is that it is based majorly on actual gold and then strengthened with safe, industry standard and proprietary non allergenic alloy.

Therefore The Vanessa

  • Will Never Tarnish / Fade
  • Will Never turn your wrist green
  • Will Never lose a single stone
  • Will Shine Forever
  • Will Break! Can Take HUGE Impact!
  • Won’t Show Scuffs or scratches
  • Is reliable & Lasts a Lifetime!
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The Crafting of each Vanessa

Our’s is a proprietary process that produces the finest and highest quality jwelery at previously imposible prices.

This has allowed us to offer you these masterpieces designed and crafted by the most talented and experienced artisans in switzerland at such amzing and unbeatable prices.

Simply put, we have a new proprietary system that allows us to creat jewelry that will rival and easily outclass the top luxury brands products any day of the week, but at a minute fraction of the price.

How others are wearing the Vanessa


The Deal of a Lifetime...

We usually sell these multi $x,xxx bracelets at $490 however, for the duration of this sale period, (which ends when the counter hits zero)
we are offering it for $40 ONLY.


The Last Sale Season For The Year

Due to the high demand and limited number of bracelets,
we might run out before the sale period is over
and we will have to not only end the sale but put a hold on selling them
because our masterful artisans will not compromise on the quality of our bracelets, neither will we!

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We believe in our products and believe in their ability to impress and over deliver in all areas.

We also have a simple policy; If you or the lucky recipient of this Stunning bracelet are not in awe of the actual quality and dazzle of this diligently crafted masterpiece, for ANY reason then we are not satisfied and we will do WHATEVER it takes to make it right, period.

Buying anything online, especially something this precious can be a daunting task, so I want to assure you that you have ZERO risk in buying something and trying it out.

If you don’t LOVE it, we don’t want you to settle for less than fabulous, therefore no hard feelings, we’ll make it right.

(P.S. no one has ever had the desire to return these masterpieces and they have had nothing but glowing reviews)

We have 24/7/365 Ticket and Email Support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.

You are our number one priority.

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The Vanessa Saves Butterflies All Around The World

For Every Piece You Purchase,
We Donate Money To A Cause Deat To Our Heart,
The Butterfly Conversation Effort.


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To Purchase this Beautiful Butterfly Bracelet,
The Vanessa
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To purchase two or more of these Gorgeous
bracelets, that are guaranteed to bring joy to elict
deep gratitude from their new and lucky ownr(s),
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But please hurry... this sale will expire soon!

What Others Are Saying...

It is beautiful!
it is beautiful! i bought one for each of my sisters and i to wear as symbol of our love for our mom who passed away last year and each other. The day she passed her home all of a sudden was filled with butterflies and followed all the way to the day we said “See you soon.” The bracelet was perfect in shape, size and quality! The butterflies (Mom & Me) is beautiful bracelet. I definitely recommend it!

Madeline C.

I love it!
i got it beacause i liked how the bracelet looked in the picture. When i received it in the mail it was in a classy elegant box that came with a polishing cloth. When i opened it, low and behold, the bracelet really sparkles in the light. it is adjustable so if you just pinch it in, it stays in place and doesn’t slide around. Thebracelet is pretty durable is pretty durable, my main concern with wearing jewelry was that it tends to break on me, but the bracelet hasn’t shown any signs of damage. i would definitely order this as a gift for a friend or family member.

Hailey B.

Beautiful Absolutely stunning!!! i love butterflies they have a very special meaning to me. it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry! Before i bought this bracelet i bought their rose gold butterfly necklace, it is also very nice nad i love wearing it. Well worth the money.

Marie O.

Daughter loves it Bought this bracelet for my 11 year old daughter. it looks very nice, fits perfectly. it’s adjustable so i can fit to any wrist. Very nice for the price! Daughter enjoys it, she even took photos of the bracelet to show everyone.

Richard T.

Beautiful Apperance and amzing fit for small arms. i sent this to my granddaughter and i’d say it’s hit. Nice for tweens!

Donna H.

Fits my small wrist
i love this bracelet and it so beautiful my aunty got me this Christmas and i just love it. it’s difficult to find bracelets that will fit a small wrist and not fall off. This bracelet adjusts well and didn’t slip off or move around on my wrist. The butterflies are very nice and pretty. i’m happy that these adjustable bracelets are becoming more available.

Stephanie B.

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